I’m not writing another one of those weird a** third person bios.

That semi-handsome fellow over there is me, the guy behind everything you see on here. Prior to joining the marketing industry my main focus was music. I studied and played for 12 years picking up variety of instruments from the woodwinds to goatskin drums. While I sucked at a lot sh*t, creative fields always came naturally.

That love of variety is something  that stuck with me, it forces you to find new solutions to old problems. A few short years later I’m now a designer, art director, photographer, and occasional mentor.

I typically have several “side projects” running. Some of which are being an active photographer for DC’s bloggers such as Jia of LeLondonChic, events and the occasional wedding. Some people would say “You’re fcukin nuts”. I agree. But creating is a form of stress relief for me. Some enjoy golf, some enjoy shooting and editing hundreds of photos a week. Don’t knock the hustle.

[block_title title=”Awards & Accolades” upper_title=”Most recent”]I’ve been fortunate enough to work with a lot of great companies and people. Some of that work has gone on to gain recognition both locally and nationally.[/block_title][button title=”Download Resumé” link=”https://secureservercdn.net/” align=”center”]

— 2018 —

2 Gold Addy Awards | 1 Silver Addy Award

1 Gold Telly Award | 2 Bronze Telly Awards

— 2016 —

1 Gold Addy Award | 1 Silver Addy Award

4 Bronze Telly Awards

— 2017 —

1 Silver Addy Award

4 Silver Telly Awards

— 2015 —

Local Addy Award

3 Bronze Telly Awards

[block_title title=”WHAT’S MY NICHE?” upper_title=”Simple question”]I do a lot of things but my main focus is Creative problem solving. All the other stuff is important but it’s about answering “how can we get the most impact” or “why should I give a fcuk”[/block_title]
[block_title inner_style_title=”square” title=”Design”]It’s my lifeblood, checkout the content in portfolio or blog. If you like it smash the like button.[/block_title][block_title inner_style_title=”square” title=”Travel”]Who doesn’t love tossing back cold ones on a beach, or unpluggin from the bustle of the city.[/block_title]
[block_title inner_style_title=”square” title=”Stills & Motion”]Everyone needs an outlet, for me that can be capturing candid moments or large celebrations.[/block_title][block_title inner_style_title=”square” title=”Blog”]#InstagramHusband[/block_title]
[block_title title=”Clients & Partners” upper_title=”Just to name a few”]We’re only as good as out last client. Thankfully I’ve had many great ones over the years.[/block_title]
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