KEEP UP WITH A DRE IN THE DISTRICT “We all have a story to tell…

We live in a society where everything is recorded so rather than wait for something
stupid to popup, I decided to put it all out there. I created this blog to share my life
and also give newer creatives an unfiltered glimpse into what it’s actually like
working in marketing and general advice on things I’ve learnt through the years.
That 15″ Razer Blade Review

With my iMac approaching senior citizen status, I decided it was time to look for a new setup. While it works fine for most day to day task, as my

That Marshall Monitor review

Up until a few months ago my daily headphones were a pair old of Sony’s. They were cheap, lightweight and had decent sound quality; but they lacked something that’s becoming

That Voigtlander Nokton 40/1.4 review

A brand that I’ve always had my eye on was Voigtlander. The all metal lenses peaked my interest when I needed a new portrait lens. Olympus offers several magnificent portrait

That Pixel Eyewear review

*Fun fact – I truly believe that I’ll be blind by my mid-thirties. That being said, I’ve been searching for a way to slow that process. Since transitioning to a

That Interview with Capitol Communicator…

What drives me: It’s a mix of fear and passion. Yes, in that order… My biggest fear is becoming complacent; turning into just another “meh” creative who chooses comfort over