The everyday people who won BIG

A comprehensive research study of the DC lottery region and its players revealed that the more consumers see evidence that people actually win prizes of all sizes playing the DC Lottery, the more likely they would be to play.

So we told stories of real people who have won various amounts of money from the DC Lottery. And we told those stories in ways that were charming and humorous, which made their personal experiences playing the lottery even more rewarding.


If you ever had a friend bail when you needed them most?

Sometimes, the best advertising ideas come from expressions or phrases that are already part of the cultural vernacular. We’ve all heard people make offhanded comments like, “Be right back…unless I win the lottery” or  “See you all tomorrow…unless I win the lottery.”

The Internet is filled with tweets invoking this sentiment: “Stuck with this lemon of a car…unless…”  “Won’t be taking that vacation…unless…” We thought, why not take the line and make it proprietary to the DC Lottery?  And put all that social energy to work for the brand?


From event promotions to partnered content


How to workout safely during Covid

As D.C. gets colder and coronavirus cases rise, safety is an important consideration when deciding how to exercise. Weather in the fall is less predictable than in the summer, but there are many indoor and outdoor fitness options this fall that allow you to stay safe, work up a sweat and stay ahead of whatever Mother Nature throws at you.

According to Devin Maier, co-CEO of Balance Gym, the first step to any kind of workout this fall is making a plan. The second is having a backup plan. That way, no matter what the circumstances are, nothing gets in the way of your workout.



Virtual Concert Series in partnership with DC Fray

The Capitol Riverfront BID is taking your favorite Concert Series to the virtual stage this summer!

They teamed up with DC Fray to offer a month of free weekly concerts that you can stream from the comfort of your own home every Friday in June. Make a whole night of it and order takeout from your favorite #Capriv restaurants – our friends at Bonchon Navy Yard, Ice Cream Jubilee*, Slipstream DC, and Wiseguy Pizza will be offering a special 10% discount on all food orders between 5-8 PM, while menu items last (pick-up only).