Washington Football Club

Conceptual Rebrand
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Washington DC, the capital of the most powerful nation in the world and home to the leader of the free world. This rebrand plays off of another city that was once the epicenter of the known world. Ancient Rome was host to many technical advances, of which none more popular than the Colosseum. In a city where change is so prominent I wanted to imagine what it would be like to reinvent the NFL team for the Nations Capitol. The Washington Warriors would become the face for DC, replacing the beloved Redskins. The goal was to create a unique experience that would elevate the appeal of the brand from both a marketing and cultural perspective. This rebrand dove into the rich history of the Washington DC as a beacon of freedom and valor. The Washington Warriors would be the embodiment of that valor. Along with a new logo the rebrand also includes, a new wordmark, 5 uniform designs, several marketing materials and throwbacks. Alternate name: The District Sentinels | Washington Admirals *Note: All images and mockups are concepts and not affiliated with the National Football League (obviously). This is simply a creative excerise. All mockups are designed by Dré Rolle.