That Pixel Eyewear review

*Fun fact – I truly believe that I’ll be blind by my mid-thirties. That being said, I’ve been searching for a way to slow that process.

Since transitioning to a full-time designer/art director, I’m literally stuck in front of a computer screen for 10+ hours a day creating advertisements, designing for publications, editing photos & videos, etc. As a result my vision has slowly taken a beating because of it, & although I don’t need a prescription yet (*knock on wood), as the day drags on a noticeable shift occurs where everything outside my main focal point seems slightly blurred, my eyes become fatigued & a dull but non-stop headache ensues.

One remedy that I found was a pair of specialized blue light computer glasses from Pixel Eyewear. Like the name suggests, the lenses have a coating that cuts down the amount of blue light that radiates from all screens such as your computer, tablet & phone. By doing so they help alleviate some of the fatigue that occurs from staring at a screen for a prolonged period, which is becoming more & more common as tech dominates most of our everyday lives.

Do these fix the issues I’ve had completely…Of course not…Is it a drastic improvement…Yup. From a designers perspective, these glasses are on par with owning a Wacom. You don’t need it to get the job done, but it makes your life a hell of a lot better. After wearing these glasses for the past few months, I can say that most of the issues that I’ve had with dry eyes & random headaches have vanished almost completely. If you’ve had any of these issues, then give Pixel Eyewear a shot. As a bonus they’re actually pretty stylish so you can wear them as fashion pieces as well.

*Note – If you’re doing any colour correction, everything has a slightly warmer tone than your eyes naturally render. While it’s not a dramatic difference, it’s best to remove them for any detailed colour work.

You pay for what you get. These glasses are well built and well worth the investment for those who spend hours a day on the computer. They come in a prescription and non-prescription variant. These particular pairs are the Aspers.

Look… if you can, there’s nothing better than stepping away from the screen for a few minutes. The fresh air and natural light do wonders. As tech slowly invades most aspects of our lives, we have to remember that our health is more important than stalking your IG crush.

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